About us

Despunte is a design & engineering company established in 2021 in Spain. Innovation and creative thinking guide our work.

Nuestro equipo en el stand de Despunte durante la celebración de una feria de emprendimiento.

Despunte develops design and engineering projects. We are specialized in 3D product visualization and interactive scale models. We also do integration of electronics and programming in a wide range of projects for industry and educations.

We've noticed an increasing trend in consuming digital content, and companies now rely more than ever on clear and high-quality technical content to showcase their products. As specialists in creating 3D content, including product renders, videos, and 3D animations for both industrial and consumer communication, we understand the power of 3D visualization in generating a significant impact and enhancing the value customers perceived over products.

We go beyond the digital world and also offer services for the design and manufacture of prototypes and scale models. We carry out custom projects that integrate electronics and programming, such as interactive models for education and events.

Moreover, we love taking part in creative and entrepreneurial initiatives. We have conducted workshops with institutions such as Cruz Roja Santiago and the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago. We are also part of the entrepreneurship society Pont-up Store and participate in entrepreneurship projects like Spin-Up and the High Tech Auto incubator in Vigo.

Despunte was founded by two partners with technical backgrounds and experience in creative projects, communication, and business. After several years of working on projects together, we decided to take the leap and establish our own entrepreneurial venture in September 2021. We operate as a social economy enterprise: a cooperative society of associated work, where we prioritize continuous improvement, social responsibility, transparency, and closeness to our community.

The team

Two engineers eager to continue their journey working from Galicia for national and international companies.

Despunte is a coop formed by two business partners with extensive international experience, Alejandro García Soto and Carmen Araquistain Portela. We are completely dedicated to our clients and, when necessary, we also collaborate with other companies so that their projects go ahead in the best possible way.

Alex is responsible for design and development. Aerospace Engineer (UEM), he studied a Master's in energy and sustainability at the University of Vigo and has professional experience mainly in the wind turbine and ultralight aircraft sectors as a design, quality and R+D+i engineer. He couldn't fit better the definition of a “maker”: a creative person who learns through what he does, especially in projects that involve collaboration and technology.

Carmen is the administrator of the company, and takes care of business development and communication. She studied Public Works Engineering at the UDC and an Executive Master in Urban Governance at EPFL, one of the world’s leading engineering universities. Her career combines experiences in the public, consulting and business spheres. Before founding Despunte, she worked in Berlin as a network planner for a successful start-up in the transportation sector.

Alex García Soto
Carmen Araquistain Portela

We take part in creative and entrepreneurial initiatives

Own projects & initiatives with local institutions and companies

Teaching a 2D animation workshop for children.
Creative workshops

We provide trainings such as 2D animation & video games workshops for the Red Cross, webinars for the Santiago Chamber of Commerce and mentoring at the Terra Creative Jam 2022 USC Lugo.

3D printed parts of one of the stools we created at Miramoura.
Our brand Miramoura

We design and produce durable and highly customizable items with 3d printing and wood for gifts, homes and stores. @miramoura.despunte

Engaging in conversation with colleagues during an Explorer Trip.

We've participated in events such as the Pont-Up Store 2022 in Pontevedra and the Santander X Explorer Trip + European Innovation Academy 2022 in Porto.

Image of a mobile phone displaying the Anzol application.
On-demand manufacturing digital platform

Connect with manufacturers in Spain: 3D printing, cutting, machining and much more through anzol.eu.

Screenshot of a video game.
Video games

Creation of simple video games such as Tiny tactics & Fofo e a pesca do lixo awarded in the Xuventude Crea 2020 regional contest.