About us

Despunte is a design and engineering office specialized in 3D. Innovation and creative thinking guide our work.

The Despunte team at the office. Carmen and Alex surrounded by a 3D printer, a laptop, notebooks, and pencils.

Despunte is a coop based in Galicia (Spain) dedicated to design and engineering. Formed by two engineers who decided to launch their own business in 2021 after collaborating on a variety of projects together.

We are a social economy cooperative society advocating for collaboration, continuous improvement, social responsibility, transparency, and proximity.

We actively engage in various entrepreneurship and innovation initiatives, utilizing creative design as our primary tool to evolve alongside our collaborators and clients.

Two engineers with international experience in energy, aerospace, and mobility.

Carmen and Alex, working at the 3D printer.

Alex. Design and production (linkedin)

Aerospace Engineer from UEM, with a Master's in Energy and Sustainability from the University of Vigo. Before joining Despunte, Alex worked as a design, quality, and R&D engineer in the wind turbine and ultralight aircraft sectors. He perfectly fits the definition of a 'maker': a creative person who learns through hands-on work, especially in collaborative projects involving technology.

Carmen. Business development (Linkedin)

Carmen is a Civil Engineer from UDC, with an Executive Master's in Innovative Governance of Large Urban Systems from EPFL, one of the world's leading engineering universities. Her career combines experiences in the public sector, consulting, and business. Particularly noteworthy is her role as a network planner for a successful transportation start-up in Germany.

We are professional makers

We connect concepts and innovate to transform ideas into reality

Carmen and Alex at the Maker Faire.

The combination of our experience and approach to work makes us professional makers. This slogan captures our ability to materialize ideas with exceptional results tailored to each project.

We actively participate in various entrepreneurship and innovation initiatives and programs, actively engaging with our community: HTA, Maker Faire Galicia, MindTech, and many more. We also conducted workshops on 2D animation and video games for Cruz Roja and Noites Alternas, webinars for the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago, and mentoring at the Terra Creative Jam 2022 USC Lugo.

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