Product visualization of Bifaro on a background of soil and stones.

Product visualization for motorcycle double headlight

5Special's motorcycle headlights are not yet produced, but the company has relied on product visualization to support its marketing activities. What better way to show what this front double headlight will look like than through images and animations that capture their design? In this article, we talk about how we have created this product visualization and how it helps 5Special in promoting their new motorcycle accesory.

5Special and its product

5Special is a family business with a passion for the worlds of motorcycles and timeless fashion for adventurers. Its latest product in development is a motorcycle double headlight accessory that can be easily removed and put on the vehicle.

Bifaro product on a white background.

How we created the product visualization

  1. Design and 3D modeling: we created the 3D model of the headlights from the images and drawings provided by 5Special.
  2. Textures and materials: simple but compelling textures were added to the initial design.
  3. Video: a 360º rotation 3D animation was created: it can be played in a loop to be used in exhibitions, RRSS, etc.
  4. Realistic rendering: as a final detail, we created an image of the product in an outdoor environment that fits the product and the target user.

Blender creation process screenshot.

Marketing benefits: how product visualization helps 5Special

The product visualization that we have created for 5Special motorcycle double headlight offers a series of significant benefits for the marketing of their product, even though it is not yet being manufactured:

  1. Creates buzz: product visualization allows 5Special to show potential customers what their final product will look like before it's available on the market. This builds expectation and anticipation among customers, creating increased interest in 5Special motorcycle headlights and generating demand prior to product launch.
  2. Convey quality and confidence: through animation and visual effects, the product visualization shows the features and functionality of 5Special motorcycle headlights professionally and attractively. It helps engaging potential customers, improves brand perception and makes it stand out from the competition.
  3. Cost and time savings: product visualization complements the production of expensive physical prototypes during the design phase. This helps 5Special save cost and time in the product development process, while allowing them to showcase their product early in the marketing process.